• Taylor Upholstering
    12 Television Circle

    Savannah, GA 31406


Founded in 2000, Taylor Upholstering is a full-service upholstering shop located in Savannah’s southside. They specialize in commercial upholstering for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, film and tv productions, fitness centers and any other commercial projects. However, the back bone of their work is residential furniture with a special preference for antique furniture.  Savannah makes for an ideal place to find wonderful antiques to upholster whether they inherited hand-me-downs or “finds” at antique stores and estate sales.

Owner Lauri Taylor shares her experience working with film productions.

Owner, Lauri Taylor
Tell us about the first time you worked with the film industry.

Our first project in film was with the production of Underground in 2019 working with set designer, Joel Klaff. Other productions have included but are not limited to: Council of Dads, The Menu, The Girl from Plainville, Devotion, Panhandle, and Manhunt.

The workshop
What’s your favorite story about working with the film industry?

Personally, I was honored to be a part of Council of Dads, written by Bruce Feiler… because I have know the Feiler family for many years. Though [my work] was cut before my contributions aired. 
Each production comes with its own sets of challenges and characters.  I would say my favorite overall story is that no matter the timelines given, we have been able to make or be ahead of the deadlines presented and even end up doing more upholstery than originally planned.

What was the most surprising or interesting thing that you’ve learned from working with the film industry:

The most interesting thing I have found is how dedicated and creatively talented the set designers and teams are to their craft and production, even though overall they are not given “top billing” like the actors or even given extensive budgets. They work so hard and end up with a major contribution to the overall look of the film/show. 

How has working with the film industry impacted your business? Have you made any changes to accommodate their needs?

The biggest impact to our business is trying to keep an “open window” on our current work schedule to allow for the short time frames that come with working with the film industry.
Panhandle was our biggest challenge as we already had a full slate of work and had to juggle to do only part of the upholstery needed.  Now, I try to have more of a time cushion built in as much as possible as you never know when a film is coming your way. We are grateful and have worked very hard to be the upholstery vendor of choice whenever possible.

What would you say to someone who wasn’t sure about becoming a film-friendly vendor?

Savannah is doing a wonderful job promoting the film industry for our community.  Just being a part of the community support is rewarding.
The financial gain varies based on industry and need – but is worthwhile from a financial aspect.
Since there is also a large Savannah presence of those tasked with finding local vendors and talent – once you are part of their preferred vendor lists – the work will keep on coming!  It’s also a real kick when you get to see your work on the screen when production airs as well.


  • Manhunt (2022)
  • Panhandle (2022)
  • The Girl From Plainville (2022)
  • The Menu (2021)
  • Devotion (2020)
  • Council of Dads (2020)
  • The Underground Railroad (2019)