Tapley’s is a family owned and operated local antiques mall that offers a wide variety of antique furniture, books, jewelry, art, tools and clothing from over 50 vendors.  They also have vintage collectables and “just about anything you may be looking for!”

Owner Brenda Anderson shares her experience working with film productions.

Owner, Brenda Anderson
Tell us about the first time you worked with the film industry.

The first movie or show I can remember is Underground.  We had several prop people looking for period items.  It was great fun as they filmed in Savannah for a while. They looked for tools and any period pieces.

An arraignment of antique bottles at Tapley’s
What’s your favorite story about working with the film industry?

Maybe the best part is making a relationship with the prop master or prop stylist.  It’s fun to feel part of the adventure or sourcing items.  As they get to know us some will call ahead to have us look for items on their list before they get here. Then to see the movie or show and look for things from our shop!  Too much fun.

What was the most surprising or interesting thing that you’ve learned from working with the film industry:

I think it is always fun to know what happens to the things after filming and editing is over.  Some [productions] have had sales in Savannah and we were able to buy back things.  We have also had the opportunity to shop at a warehouse where props are stored after it’s a wrap.  

Antique pottery, furnishings, and decor
How has working with the film industry impacted your business? Have you made any changes to accommodate their needs?

I can’t express how grateful we are for the film business.  It is such a big boost to our business.  The slight inconvenience of traffic or a blocked road for a short time is well worth the impact we receive.  Also the personal connection with the shoppers is rewarding.

Tapley’s has a wide array of vintage and antique items from over 50 vendors


  • Clean Slate (2023)
  • Fear The Walking Dead (2023)
  • May December (2022)
  • The Menu (2022)
  • Devotion(2022)
  • Panhandle (2022)
  •  The Young Wife (2022)
  • Underground (2018)