Student Filming Guidelines for Garden City

Permit ProcedureStudent projects are subject to the same rules and permit requirements as professional productions. Fill out the Professional & Student Permit Application at least 5 business days prior to the first requested filming date. If you wish to use Garden City Parks and Recreation Locations, please click here to find more information.
Fee StructureGarden City may charge for certain services such as police, ITC, parking, etc. Please contact the Scott Robider for direct answers.
Insurance and NotificationSubmit your notification letter hereHard copies of this letter must be printed and distributed at least 48 hours prior to filming activity. For an example of a notification letter, please click HERE.  Some schools provide insurance coverage, and some do not. If your school does not, you may be required to procure coverage.
ContactScott Robider
100 Central Avenue|Garden City, GA 31405
912.966.7777 or 912.210.0862