Student Filming Guidelines for City of Tybee

Beach Filming Restrictions

Please note no lights are allowed on the beach after dark during Sea Turtle Season from May 1st to October 31st.

Permit ProcedureAll filming on Tybee requires a permit regardless of whether you are using a public or private location. Students filming on private property must provide documentation showing approval of production activity to occur there. Please fill out and submit directly to Robyn Rosner: Student & Non-commercial filming permit. For beach filming please also fill out: Beach permit application.

***Please note – Student productions are not allowed to have generators of any sort on the beach.***
Additional RequirementsIn addition to the completed application, for student projects the following are required:
a copy of the script (only the scenes being filmed on Tybee are necessary, if the entire script is included please highlight or indicate which are requesting to be filmed on Tybee)
Two equipment lists:
o 1) Detailed list of every item you plan to bring with you for scene set-up/location staging, wardrobe, props, set items, etc.
o 2) Production equipment list (all equipment must be chargeable or battery operated for the power source)
The requested location shown on an overhead image or map (a detailed diagram of the proposed layout may be required depending on the scope of production activity being requested)
Any other relevant information of what you are filming and the production activity that will occur
Fee StructureContact Robyn Rosner
Insurance and NotificationContact Robyn Rosner for Insurance requirements.

Notification LettersPlease check with Robyn Rosner first. Then, if required, submit your notification letter here. For an example of a notification letter, please click HERE
ContactRobyn Rosner
Facilities Coordinator