Thank you for considering Tybee Island for your film location needs. Tybee has welcomed many feature film, television, and commercial production companies seeking an attractive community along the Georgia coast as a location over the past few decades. Production companies have found Tybee to be the ideal beach town for their projects due to the variety of picturesque backdrops from our distinct downtown, vast marshes, historic neighborhoods, to the three-plus miles of breathtaking beach areas.

Beach Filming Restrictions

Please note no lights are allowed on the beach after dark during Sea Turtle Season from May 1st to October 31st.

Checklist For Professional and Student Permits

  1. Professional productions should register your project by completing the Savannah Regional Film Commission Project Registration Form. The Film Commission will reply with further details.
  2. Submit a Tybee Island Commercial Film Application for each Tybee Island-owned location.
  3. Additional permits are needed to film on the beach. Submit a Tybee Beach Permit AND a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Letter of Request to Deb Barreiro.
  4. An additional permit is needed to film on the Tybee Island Pier. Submit a Chatham County permit request for any filming or activity on the pier.
  5. Upload Notification Letter and distribute on YELLOW paper at least 48hrs in advance of filming activity per location. For an example of a notification letter, please click HERE


Failure of the production company to comply with the Savannah Regional Film Commission guidelines and conditions set forth in each permit, or the use of any location not specified in the permit, shall give the Tybee Island grounds to revoke the permit or take other restrictive actions as necessary.

For a list of all Special Event Permits, please visit the City Of Tybee Special Events Planning page.

Details and guidelines are included within the application that must be completed and submitted for consideration. Applications are considered on a first come, first served basis and should not conflict with annual island events or activities.

The City of Tybee Island requires persons engaged in filming, videotaping, motion picture production, and still photography that is for commercial use within city limits to obtain permission through the application process. The time frame for review and approval of requests to undertake any production activity is dependent on the scope of activity.

Use of the beach, a city park, and/or city owned building require a separate application for approval.

Notification of Affected Businesses and Residents

The production company is responsible for notifying all businesses and residents affected by the filming activity as per the Savannah Regional Film Commission guidelines. Notification shall take place following the City of Tybee Island’s review of the application and no less than two business days prior to the planned activity.

City of Tybee Island reserves the right to deny or revoke permits where insufficient time has been allowed for proper notification, or when the notification process has been improperly applied.

Upload Notification Letter and distribute on YELLOW paper at least 48hrs in advance of filming activity per location. For an example of a notification letter, please click HERE


Tybee Island Map
Tybee Island Parking Map

City of Tybee Facilities

For permitting and rental of City of Tybee facilities please use:
Facilities application
Guard House floor plan
Guard House rules

Student Filming

Please see the Student Filming Page for more information. The student and non-commercial contact is Robyn Rosner.

***Please note – Student productions are not allowed to have generators of any sort on the beach.***

For More on Permitting, please contact:

Robyn Rosner
Facilities Coordinator

Deborah Barreiro
Coastal Permit Coordinator
The State of Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources