We are here to guide you through the process, requirements and local resources available to make your production a success. All productions are required to register with the Savannah Regional Film Commission by submitting the Project Registration Form linked on this page.

Students do not need to complete the Project Registration Form. If you are a student click here.


The Project Registration Form is NOT a permit application. You will need to fill out a SEPARATE form with the appropriate municipality to apply for a location permit.


The Savannah Regional Film Commission does not issue permits. Permits are required for any production activity which will have an impact on public property within the Savannah region. We have eight (8) municipalities within Chatham County that each have their own unique permitting process. If you are unsure of which municipality governs your location, use the Sagis Map Viewer to make that determination. Download instructions on how to use Sagis.

Additional permits may be required from government agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) or the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).

Permits for Each Municipality


The Savannah Regional Film Commission expects all productions to abide by industry standard safety guidelines.

Notification of Affected Businesses and Residents

The production company is responsible for notifying all businesses and residents affected by the filming activity. Notification shall take place following the permitting guidelines for each municipality.

Download an example of a notification letter.

Please upload all notification letters using this form.


Permits may be denied or revoked where insufficient time has been allowed for proper notification, or when the notification process has been improperly applied.

Traffic Control, Street Closures and Parking

Traffic control, if needed, must be handled by off-duty police officers hired by the production company through each municipality.

Please refer to each municipalities’ parking regulations.

Municipalities reserve the right to restrict high impact filming in streets, neighborhoods, parks, or districts which have experienced undue stress from seasonal festivals and events, heavy filming, natural disasters, etc.

In the event of natural or civil disasters, municipalities reserve the right to cancel all outstanding film permits on both public and private property within the affected area. Should evacuation of a street, neighborhood, or district be deemed necessary by fire, police, or other emergency authorities, all outstanding permits for that area are null and void. Permits will be re-granted as soon as possible after the State of Emergency proclamation has been lifted, following a safety evaluation conducted by the municipality, production company, and utility company representatives.