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Casting Call: May December

OPEN CASTING CALL: Feature Film “May December”

We are looking for all ages and ethnicities on this project!

We will begin shooting 10/14-11/18 (M-F)!

More breakdowns to come!

GENERAL BG RATE: $130/10hr

$130 guaranteed for the shoot date- most days are expected to be between 8-10 hours (some less). If the shoot happens to go over 10 hours overtime will be granted at time and a half.

STAND IN RATE: $175/12hr

**All minor’s must have a valid GDOL Minor’s in Entertainment permit- this can easily be obtained in 1-2 business days via the GDOL website at no cost**

Everyone on this project must be able to provide proof of vaccination (first booster required if eligible)



*All stand ins listed will be needed for the entire shoot window*

Please list any stand in experience in your submission


Elizabeth: Natalie Portman

Gracie: Julianne Moore

Joe: Charles Melton

🟡ELIZABETH STAND IN: White female. 5’1″-5’5″. Slender build. Straight dark brown hair, bangs is a plus. (or willing to change hairstyle/color if necessary).

Camera Test/Interview: 10/17

🟡GRACIE STAND IN: 5’2″-5’5″, white female, 35 to 65 years old, Dirty blonde hair. (or willing to change hairstyle/color if necessary)

🟡JOE STAND IN: 20 to 40 years old, Asian, Filipino, Mixed ethnicity male. 5’11”-6’1″ Dark brown hair. Slender – athletic build.


Currently seeking the following extras:

🟡13 YEAR OLD BOY: Caucasian, blonde hair. Still photo shoot. Photos seen of boy who injured himself while skateboarding.

Shoot date: 10/14

🟡Joe’s Mom: Aged 35-50. Caucasian. Still photo shoot-

Shoot date: 10/14

🟡CAMERA OPERATORS/PHOTOGRAPHERS: Men and women. Open ethnicity. Ages 30-60. Still photo shoot- 90’s style People magazine and tabloid spreads.

Shoot date: 10/14

🟡POLICE OFFICERS: Males. Open Ethnicity. Aged 30-50.

Still photo shoot- 90’s style People magazine and tabloid spreads.

Shoot date: 10/14

🟡FLORAL ARRANGEMENT CLUB: Women, aged 30-60. Members of a community center floral arrangement club. Huge plus if you have a knack for crafts or floral arrangement! There will be an instructor attending to help guide those who are booked.

Shoot date: 10/19

🟡DRIVERS AND PEDESTRIANS WITH CARS: Aged 18 and up. Looking for vehicles with makes/models ideally between the years 2000-2015.

$25 car bump added to day rate.

Shoot date: 10/19 OR 10/20

🟡SAVANNAH TOUR GROUP: Ages 40-70. Tourists attending a historical walking tour of Savannah.

Shoot date: 10/19

🟡JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES: Ages 25-50. Clean cut types. Seen at the information stand in the park.

Shoot date: 10/19

🟡COFFEE SHOP PATRONS: Ages 19-80. Looking to create an authentic Savannah vibe. Seeking those who can portray SCAD students, retirees, and other local types.

Shoot date: 10/19

🟡POSH LOFT EMPLOYEES AND PATRONS: Ages 18-60. Upscale types at a high end clothing store- Mother’s taking their teens dress shopping for graduation. Posh tourist types.

Shoot date: 10/20

🟡HIGH SCHOOL ACTING STUDENTS: Ages 18 and up to play younger. This will be a small intimate group sharing a scene with Natalie Portman leading the class. This is a fantastic opportunity for young local actors to watch an Academy Award winning actress at work- consider it a paid masterclass in acting. Looking for those with acting ability to fill these slots.

Shoot date: 10/21

🟡HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION: Seeking all ages and all ethnicities! Real families encouraged to submit! We are looking for kids, teens, parents/grandparents, adults over 18 to play younger, uncles, cousins, anyone and everyone!

Shoot date: 11/11

*****There are TWO ways to apply*****

If you have a gmail account please submit using the form below:

(If you are applying to be a stand in or submitting as a family please do not submit using the form)

Otherwise please submit the following information to for consideration using role you are submitting for as the subject line. If you are submitting for more than one date please include which roles in the body of your email. If you are submitting as a family please send one email and submit together.

**This is local hire to Savannah ONLY- no lodging or travel provided**


Phone Number:

Age (Minors only):

City Located:

Vaccination Status:



US Citizen:

Availability for the shoot dates:

Available to work as a local hire to Savannah, GA:

Reliable Transportation:

Make/Model of Vehicle:

Valid Minors Permit # (if applicable):

Please include a recent full body photo and a close up photo: we want to know what you look like currently! (NO filters- we want to see what you actually look like!)

If you have a car with a make/model prior to 2015 please include a photo of your car as well!

The director will want to view many of these photos prior to booking so please make sure we can see you clearly in good lighting.

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!


Alexis Leggett

Extras Casting Director

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