Photo credit: Valeria Tannuzzi

“My background and skills lends a deep well to productions that shoot here. I am thrilled to be here. I love travel and the challenges the job entails. What a beautiful town to bring people to!”

Shannon is a seasoned film professional who has worked in the industry for 25+ years. Shannon’s early career included working on large studio films like Demolition Man, HeatThe Postman, and Eagle Eye, to actually producing an independent film called Let’s Kill All the Lawyers. She headed east during the 2008 writers’ strike and hasn’t looked back.

She found a need in the industry to service shows as a Travel Coordinator and now works exclusively in that capacity. In 2016 she made Savannah her home, becoming the only Travel Coordinator locally based and she couldn’t be happier.


Nothing to do with my job, but being on the set of “Heat” when Al Pacino & Robert DeNiro are in the diner.

It was the first scene they ever shot together, and it was amazing!!

Shannon and her kitten in the production office

I’m also a proud fur mama of two rescue kittens, Cam & Andy.

I am a member of The Dolphin Project, and the Tybee Marine Science Center. I really support protecting the shores & marine life!

  • Underground Railroad – Travel Coordinator, 2019
  • The Mule – Travel Coordinator, 2018
  • The Front Runner – Travel Coordinator, 2018
  • Living The Dream – Travel Coordinator, 2017
  • Sleepy Hollow Seasons 1-4 – Travel Coordinator, 2017
  • Prison Break – Travel Coordinator, 2016
  • Safe Haven – Travel Coordinator, 2013
  • Eagle Eye – P.O.C., 2008
  • The Postman – A.P.O.C., 1997
  • Crazy Horse – A.P.O.C., 1996
  • Heat – Production Secretary -1995
  • Demolition Man – A.P.O.C. – 1993