Photo credit: Seth Johnson

“The film industry presents many challenges that keeps my life interesting.”

I am of a logistical mind and enjoy solving puzzles. I always loved math and organizational processes. The film industry presents many challenges that keeps my life interesting.

I started my career in banking and office management. I worked as an administrative assistant for CEOs for telecom companies. My career path changed when my husband joined the military. I used my skills to coordinate military family events and assist families with resources. My path changed again after my husband was honorably discharged and our travels landed us here in Savannah.

I stumbled into the film industry when I was asked to help a friend with a commercial as a production assistant. Word of mouth recommendations kept me working and I landed in the production office. My prior office experiences helped me rise quickly in the production office ranks. My most recent adventure has been working in the location department.

I have learned to handle a lot of chaos under pressure and solve problems on the fly.

A selfie of Genevieve on set

Member of Savanah Women in Film and Television (SWIFT)


Over the walkie I hear art department say, “Hey I am headed to 7th Heaven to grab the lingerie for the kill room.” There are certain things that you can only say on a film set and no one wonders what is wrong with you.

Genevieve coordinating on a show
  • Council of Dads / Location Coordinator / 2019
  • The Act / Location Coordinator / 2019
  • The Poison Rose / Production Coordinator / 2018
  • Through the Glass Darkly / Production Coordinator / 2018
  • The Beach House (Hallmark) / Asst Production Coordinator / 2017
  • The Peanut Butter Falcon / Production Coordinator / 2017
  • Lizzie / Production Coordinator / 2016
  • The Little Mermaid / Production Coordinator / 2016
  • Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story / Production Coordinator / 2015