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CREW CALL: Crooked Trees Gon Give Me Wings

CREW CALL: “Crooked Trees Gon Give Me Wings” – Non-Union Short Film

Hillman Grad Productions, 271

FilmsShoot: March 25th – 27th + prep for applicable positions.

Open Positions: 1st AD, Costume Designer, Hair & Makeup, Script Supervisor, Sound Mixer, Studio Teacher, CCO, Production Dept, Camera Dept, Art Dept, G&E

Virtual production meeting on March 11th for dept headsLocation: Savannah, GA

Please send resume to:

Logline: Savannah’s moss-covered forests, with all its whispering winds and enchanted branches, are alive to Bertie Bee Hooks, the gifted granddaughter of an experienced midwife. As she absorbs the wisdom of folk medicine, Bertie Bee will work with her mystical connection to the spirit world as she becomes exposed to the tragedies of a wounded American past.

Covid Protocols:This production will be adhering to strict Covid-19 safety protocols and proof of vaccination as well as testing will be required. A full Covid-19 safety compliance plan is available upon request.Thank you all!

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