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CREW CALL: Docuseries

Hiring the following roles: Non Union Sound Mixer, Non Union Makeup Artist, Production Assistant for an upcoming shoot for a branded docuseries episode. Please read below for details. All crew must be vaccinated.

Field sound mixer – Must be experienced and comfortable with docuseries sound mixing. The show is a mix of run and gun filming, sit down scenes, and interview segments with multiple guests. Dates: 3/4 – 3/6

Hair & Makeup Artist – Must be experienced with natural on camera makeup and hairstyling for an African American male. Please include a portfolio or proof of work when applying. Dates: 3/4 – 3/5

Production Assistant – Duties will include, driving crew vans, helping with equipment setup, getting releases in the field, carrying gear, ordering crew meals, etc. Must have a valid drivers license and be comfortable driving a 15 passenger vehicle. Dates: 3/3 – 3/7

Please send resume and description of a recent job to both and

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